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Our Mission

Nurture, Empower, Soar

Nurturing and empowering young performers into tomorrow’s industry leaders.

At Dan Hamill Performance Coaching we nurture and empower young performers into tomorrow’s industry leaders. As a boutique family-centered performance school we care about each of our young performers and growing students as holistic artists. We do this by developing their skills and abilities – coaching on how to step into their true potential, connect with an audience, leave a mark in an audition room and command a world stage.

Just as importantly, we teach students how to garner the skills to develop an internal self-care toolbox, so that each DHPC student has the confidence and resilience needed to forge a long and happy career.

When students join the DHPC family, they belong to a loving tribe that has their back along the journey, working side-by-side with a team of leading industry professionals who become cheerleaders to their success.

Mission StatementMission Statement